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Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter and Candy – What to Avoid!

For those who celebrate Easter, you know that your children are probably expecting baskets full of that brightly packaged, sugar covered candy. For months I have seen entire aisles of grocery stores become completely devoted to the Easter candy that so many of our country’s youth love. The pastel candy shells, those hollow chocolate bunnies, and the stickiness of those caramel eggs. They may taste great, but the damage it can do to your teeth or braces can land you a visit to your local orthodontist!

What Not to Eat

Most of us love candy, but when you have your braces put on for the first time, your orthodontist typically informs you of the foods you should be avoiding. This Easter, if you absolutely must eat candy, avoid biting down on hard candy. They can easily bend wires and break the metal brackets clean off of your tooth. This will land you back in the orthodontist where the bracket will be reapplied and can even lengthen the amount of time you will need to wear your braces.

Caramels and other sticky candy can also break brackets. Even more so, it can easy get between the brackets and wires which can eventually lead to cavities. Have a cavity filled while you are wearingbraces is no fun.

Immediately after you eat any candy, I encourage you to brush your teeth and floss. This minimizes the risk of cavities and keeps your orthodontist happy. Also when you eat candy, it is better to eat a certain amount at once rather than eating it in small quantities throughout the day. This way, when you brush your teeth you are flushing out all of the sugar rather than leaving traces of it behind. That is, unless you want to brush your teeth every time you eat a single piece of candy.

After the Easter holiday, stop by Salins Ortho for a checkup so you can avoid any complications from those sweet treats!